• There is a vertical green spray gas scrubber standing on the ground beside a factory.
  • There is a single FRP gas scrubber, the left is the front of the FRP gas scrubber and the right is the back of the scrubber.
  • There are two FRP acid mist gas scrubber systems standing on the ground.
  • There is a single FRP nitrogen oxide scrubber standing on the ground on the left, and a white FRP scrubber system on the right.

FRP Air/Gas Scrubber - Waste Gas Purification 97%

YuanBo Engineering Co., Ltd. Is a professional manufacturer of FRP air scrubber. We fabricate FRP air scrubbers of different types and specifications. YuanBo works on developing new products of FRP that is of high quality and high efficiency. Take FRP spray gas scrubber as an example, traditional spray gas scrubber only has two-stage fillers, and we add the third stage filler to improve the purification efficiency. Our company are making efforts to upgrade both appearance and efficiency of our FRP air scrubbers. The FRP gas scrubbers that we manufacture are high-tech and scientific, the purification efficiency can reach 97%. Your choice is a great trust for us, and YuanBo would not let you down.

To know more about FRP air scrubber
Why choose FRP air scrubber
  • Corrosion resistance:
    We use different resins and adjust proportion of resins according to the gases that need to clean, which ensure that our air scrubber is highly resistant to acid and alkali medium.
  • Reasonable structure design and high purification efficiency.
  • Cost-effectiveness:
    low energy consumption and low operating cost.
  • Custom-design flexibility:
    We can offer customized production to meet your site-specific needs.
  • Environment friendly:
    We use nontoxic material; FRP air scrubber cleans waste gas and it's a good helper to protect the environment.
  • Low maintenance and long life:
    FRP air scrubber is of high strength and durable, and it's nearly free of maintenance and our customers can use our FRP air scrubbers with few risks or problems. There are examples that the FRP air scrubbers can use for more than 50 years.
There are two FRP air scrubbers, a green FRP spray gas scrubber is on the left and a white FRP air scrubber is on the right.

FRP air scrubbers are used to treat waste gas or polluted air, such as H2SO4, HCL, HF, CrO3, HCN, NH3 and H2S. Our company supplies various kind of FRP air scrubbers to treat different gases. There are vertical and horizontal FRP air scrubbers for specific use. FRP air scrubbers are widely used in metallurgy industry, oil field, chemical industry, electric power, machine building, paper making and printing, etc.

There are two white FRP acid mist gas scrubber systems standing on the ground.
  • Different parts of the FRP air scrubber will be packaged separately. We will pay attention to the protection of the products, so as not to damage the components of FRP air scrubbers.
  • We have our own freight forwarding with a fleet of both trucks and trailers to accommodate our gas scrubbers, thus we can ship your bulk orders in one load, saving your time and money!
  • For big and complex projects, we will send our workers and technical staff to manufacture the FRP air scrubber in your specified field.
A FRP air scrubber is on a red truck on the right, and a green FRP spray air scrubber is on a truck on the right.
Hot Products

FRP gas scrubber also called FRP air scrubber or FRP gas washer is widely used in industries that need to wash or scrub useless gases.

Our high efficiency FRP spray gas scrubber with three filler layers are used in various kinds of industries for waste gas purification and absorption.

FRP air scrubber is fabricated to treat different concentrations of nitrogen oxide emissions, especially for hydrochloric acid and sulfuric.

FRP acid mist gas scrubber also called FRP acid mist air scrubber is for industrial use to deal with waste gas and protect the environment.

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