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FRP air scrubber Product List

FRP gas scrubber also called FRP air scrubber or FRP gas washer is widely used in industries that need to wash or scrub useless gases.

Our high efficiency FRP spray gas scrubber with three filler layers are used in various kinds of industries for waste gas purification and absorption.

FRP air scrubber is fabricated to treat different concentrations of nitrogen oxide emissions, especially for hydrochloric acid and sulfuric.

FRP acid mist gas scrubber also called FRP acid mist air scrubber is for industrial use to deal with waste gas and protect the environment.

The well structured FRP bubbling filler air scrubber is fabricated to scrub waste gas for industrial use and to protect the environment.

FRP gas-liquid separator is used to fractionate gas and liquid in a new way, which has a high separation rate and long service life.