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High Efficiency FRP Gas Scrubber Used to Wash Gas

FRP gas scrubber is also called FRP air scrubber. Our FRP gas washer is multifunctional, which is manufactured to remove the impurities in the gas by reaction in solvents. It's widely used in various kinds of industries where need to wash gas.

The body of the FRP gas scrubber is made by advanced automated winding process, which is integrated and one-piece. Compared with traditional gas scrubbers, FRP gas scrubber is superior corrosion resistant, anti-leakage, lightweight and cost-effective, which is a better choice for industries and factories.

There are two grey FRP scrubbers standing on the ground.
FRP gas scrubber is widely used in industries that need to wash gas.
There are two white FRP gas scrubbers installed in a factory.
The FRP gas scrubbers are well structured and can serve you for decades.

Feature & advantage:

  1. Corrosion resistance:
    FRP gas scrubber is made of high quality composite materials, which is anti-acid and alkali resistant.
  2. Anti-leakage:
    Our scrubber is manufactured by advanced automated process and it's a seamless one-piece tank which minimizes the risk of leaking.
  3. Lightweight:
    The FRP gas scrubber is nearly 40% - 60% lighter than metal tanks, which is easier to transport and install.
  4. Good to environment:
    The FRP gas scrubber has the feature of heat insulation and non-toxic, which is good to environment.
  5. Besides all above, our FRP air scrubber is with high mechanical strength, rustproof, which has a long service life and can save your money cost effective.


  • Material: FRP/GRP.
  • Scrubber components: gas distributor, filler tray, filler, spray device, control instruments, accessories.

We would like to design and build the FRP gas scrubber according to your specific needs.

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