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FRP Gas-Liquid Separator with high separation efficiency

FRP gas-liquid separator is also called air separator, air separation plant. It's used to separate the gas and liquid in the industrial system with liquid. Traditional gas-liquid separator mainly contains circulating separators and gravitational separators, which are heavy and have a low working efficiency.

There is a natural color vertical FRP gas-liquid separator standing against the blue sky.
FRP air separator is widely used in industries which need to fractionate gas and liquid.

Under this circumstance, we have developed a new kind of air separator. It's made of FRP which is lightweight and corrosion resistant. Meanwhile, it has a high efficiency to separate the gas and liquid. Our air separator can solve the problem and at the same time reduce costs and increase company benefit.

Feature & advantage:
FRP gas-liquid separator contains three parts: fractionation unit, demister pad and liquid storage tank. As its structure is simple, the FRP gas-liquid separator is easy to operate. Meanwhile, it has high separation efficiency, low voice, low loss of wind pressure and the work is stable.


  • Material: FRP/GRP.
  • Diameter: 800 mm - 2200 mm.
  • Rated air flow: 5000 m3/h - 50000 m3/h.
Specification of FRP gas-liquid separator
Type FGS-5 FGS-10 FGS-15 FGS-20 FGS-25 FGS-30 FGS-40 FGS-50
d × h (mm) 800 × 2500 1000 × 2800 1200 × 3500 1300 × 3600 1500 × 3800 1800 × 4000 2000 × 4500 2200 × 4500
Rated air flow (m3/h) 5000 10000 15000 20000 25000 30000 40000 50000
Loss of wind pressure (Pa) 700 700 700 700 800 800 800 800

We would like to design and build the FRP gas-liquid separator according to your specific needs. Vertical separators and horizontal separators are available.

There are three white vertical gas-liquid separators of different specification.
The vertical gas-liquid separator is the common specification.
There is a red horizontal separator on the ground in a factory.
We can fabricate the gas-liquid separator of any color or specification depending on your needs.

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