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FRP Acid Mist Gas Scrubber without Filler

A white FRP acid mist air scrubber is standing on the ground.
The FRP acid mist gas scrubber is widely used in industry and factory which produce waste gas.

FRP acid mist air scrubber is also called FRP acid mist gas scrubber. There is no filler in the FRP acid mist air scrubber. By making the liquid atomizing, the gas can have a saturated contact with the liquid. The purification efficiency can reach 95%. Compared with gas scrubber made of stainless steel or concrete, FRP acid mist gas scrubber is of higher efficiency, superior corrosion resistance, and with a long serve life of more than 30 years. It's widely used in waste gas treatment, such as water soluble gas like: H2SO4, HCL, HF, CrO3, HCN, H2S and NH3.

Features & advantage:

  • Superior corrosion resistance.
  • Without filler, the cleanup and maintenance of the air scrubber is easy and simple.
  • High purification efficiency: more than 95%.
  • Reasonable structure design.
  • Cost-effectiveness: low energy consumption and low operating cost.
  • Custom-design flexibility. We can offer customized FRP acid mist air scrubber to meet your site-specific needs.
  • Easy to install and deliver.


  • Material: glass fiber reinforced plastic/PVC/resin (no less than 60% - 70%).
  • Structures: Our FRP acid mist gas scrubber is in the shape of bottle and each section is linked with flange. It's easy to be manufactured and installed.
  • Diameter: 600 mm - 3500 mm.
  • Wind quantity: 1500 m3/ h - 50000 m3/ h.
The specification of FRP acid mist air scrubber
Type FAM-1 FAM-2 FAM-3 FAM-4 FAM-5 FAM-6 FAM-7 FAM-8 FAM-9
Diameter (mm) 600 800 1000 1300 1500 2200 2700 3100 3500
Height (mm) 5200 5200 5200 5200 5200 7200 7200 7600 7600
Wind quantity (m3/h) 1500 3000 5000 7500 10000 20000 30000 40000 50000
FRP centrifugal blow Wind quantity (m3/h) 1637 3566 5315 7947 9440 17400 27250 36800 47000
Wind pressure (Pa) 710 1520 1080 1680 1280 1080 820 1010 1360
Anti-acid water pump Lift (m) 25 25 25 25 25 35 35 35 35


  • We used different absorption solvent to deal with different harmful gas, such as H2SO4, HCL, HF, CrO3, HCN, H2S and NH3.
  • Our scrubber system is mainly for industrial use. It can be used to treat waste gas in chemical industry, printing factory, electric power plant, etc.
There is a FRP waste gas scrubber in a factory standing on the ground.
FRP acid mist gas scrubbers are widely used to deal with various kinds of waste gas and can surely meet your needs.

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